Blind Ambition has been selling motorized shades for almost 30 years since Hunter Douglas first introduced PowerRise, which used infrared technology.

Since our first exposure to motorization up to today we have gone from infrared to radio to Bluetooth-controlled shades and reached a point where half of the products we sell are motorized or automated. The terms "motorized" and "automated" are often used interchangeably, but they carry distinct meanings and are associated with different functionalities.

Motorized window treatments operate using a motor, which can be battery-powered, rechargeable, or hardwired. They are controlled manually through a remote, wall switch, or push-button wand. In contrast, automated window treatments also use motors and offer pre-programmed functionalities that can be controlled through a remote, smartphone app, tablet, or voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home. You can schedule these shades to adjust based on your lighting, temperature, security, and privacy preferences.

PowerView® Automation by Hunter Douglas revolutionizes window treatments by integrating cutting-edge technology with elegant design.

This innovative system allows users to effortlessly control and program their window coverings to precisely position them at any time of the day, adapting to their lifestyles and enhancing ambiance.

Compatible with major smart home systems, it provides seamless integration and intuitive voice commands. Moreover, its energy-efficient feature helps in optimizing natural light, reducing energy costs, and protecting interiors from floor and furniture fade due to sunlight.

SoftTouch Motorization is available from Hunter Douglas. This battery-powered system allows for quick touch-and-go functionality at an attractive price point.

Move your shades by gently pulling down or pushing up on the wand. Tangled cords are a thing of the past, making the SoftTouch® Motorization system an ideal option for homes with pets and children.

Motorized window treatments use a motor for operation.

This motor can be powered by a battery, be rechargeable, or be directly hardwired or plugged in. The operation of these treatments requires manual initiation through a remote, wall switch, or push-button wand.

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