Cellular shades — sometimes called honeycomb shades — are composed of numerous fabric cells.

These cells expand and contract like an accordion when the shade is raised and lowered. The shade cells are designed to trap air, providing great insulation at the window, creating comfortable indoor temperatures, and helping to lower energy bills.

Popular choices from Hunter Douglas include Duette® with Architella fabrics and a double cell design which provides greater energy efficiency and Applause® for the cost-conscious shopper. 

Banded shades -also known as dual or zebra shades - blend roller shade functionality with sheer fabric style.

Alternating bands of opaque and translucent fabric offer versatile light control. Their innovative design smoothly transitions between solid privacy and diffused light by aligning or overlapping bands. 


graber pleated shade

Roman shades, a timeless window treatment, offer elegance through neat fabric pleats.

Their versatility in light control ranges from sheer to room-darkening, catering to privacy and ambiance. Various fabric options match decor styles. They're easily operated with cords, cordless systems, or motorization, prioritizing safety. Raised, they stack neatly for a clear view; lowered, they provide an elegant, uniform look.

Roller shades offer timeless elegance and functionality, enhancing modern homes and offices.

Their sleek design suits various window sizes, and they're customizable with a wide fabric range. From light filtering to room darkening, they cater to preferences, while easy adjustments ensure ideal lighting. Energy-efficient and hassle-free to install, they combine style and practicality for inviting, comfortable spaces. 

Pleated shades are stylish, versatile window treatments that blend elegance with practicality.

They offer a range of fabrics for customizable light control and privacy, featuring options like cordless and motorized operation. Their sleek design and durability make them a sophisticated choice to enhance any living space's ambiance. 

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