Modern Sheers

skyline gliding panels

SKYLINE™ gliding window panels provide a clean, sleek and contemporary look. A modern solution for small and large window expanses.

Pirouette Linen Oatmeal

PIROUETTE® window shadings combine the look of a classic fabric shade and the ability to control light with the new Invisi-Lift® system.

hd header luminette detail

LUMINETTE® privacy sheers were created to completely manage the light in a room. The graceful folds recall traditional draperies but with a lighter, softer feel.

silhouette in Aspen Bark with detail 2017

SILHOUETTE® is our popular, best selling window shading. Silhouette® window shadings give you the ability to transform light into gentle, diffused beauty. This unparalleled elegance is versatile enough to compliment any window in your home.